The week of May 5th - May 12th we will be hosting #MissKaysWeek at INFIT.

All T-shirt sales and this week's group fitness class proceeds will be going directly to Miss Kay to help with medical expenses on her courageous fight against Lymphoma. 

Our Dragon Boat Races team this year will be The INFIT Anchors, in honor to Miss Kay. 


Thank you for helping by purchasing a #MissKayStrong T-shirt via Paypal using the link below,
or in person at our gym:

In early March 2018, Miss Kay Collins, mother of our INFIT member and friend, Kathryn Collins Gordon noticed a few enlarged lymph nodes on the side of her neck. Not really sure what it was she set up an appointment with an ENT in Monroe and a biopsy was scheduled immediately.

On the way to the P&S hospital to get her biopsy, one of her close friends started to sing “The Anchor Holds”
and from that moment forward, Ms. Kay vowed to lean on God no matter the results.

Two days later she had an appointment with the oncologist in Monroe and he confirmed that she did have
Non-Hodgkin’s B-Cell Lymphoma. He stated that she needed to go to MD Anderson in Houston, TX as this type of cancer is very aggressive. A few days later her and her family arrived at MD Anderson and the testing began.

They were told she not only had lymphoma in her neck but her chest, abdomen and pelvis. After 2 weeks of intensive treatment at MD Anderson, she has able to come home. She will continue her 5 day, inpatient treatment every 3 weeks in Jackson, MS at the Baptist Hospital for the next 6 months with frequent visits to MD Anderson.

You are always told to walk by faith and not by sight but witnessing Ms. Kay actually doing so has been the greatest blessing. Her strongest testimony has been how God is her anchor.

She quotes “God is my anchor giving me faith and strength as He holds me through this storm.”

Stay strong, Ms. Kay. We love you and we're praying for you!