Infinity Fitness Sterlington

All of our fitness classes are scaled to fit any age group and fitness level. You will never feel out of pleace or left behind, and we make sure that you feel accomplished after every workout. We have a great team of instructors ready to help you reach your goals and motivate you to be the best you can be. 

Our Kids Room is open to members at no charge so children can hang out and play together while the parents
are working out. Ages 3 and up.  

INFIT was opened in 2013 with a vision of sharing our passion for health and fitness with our community.

In 2017 we opened our Monroe location including a wide variety of fitness programs: 
Bootcamp, Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, Kickboxing, Cardio Hip-Hop, Tabata and Bod Sculpt.  

Additional services offered include Personal Training, Nutritional Guidence, Weight Loss Management,
and Strength and Conditioning Workshops. 

We are located on 1816 Glenmar Avenue in Monroe,
between North 18th and North 19th, right next to the old Sage Restaurant.